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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Kiss Me Quick


Scrap kit of choice - I am using "Love N Kisses" by Babycakes Scraps which can be purchased from her blog
Tube of choice - I am using the artwork of Barbara Jensen which can be purchased with licence from her website
Missy's Template #160 which can be downloaded from her blog Divine Intentionz
Mask sg_heart_burst (I'm not sure where I came about this mask - if it yours please let me know so I can give you proper credit)
Font of choice - I am using BattleLines

Mask and Font here

~ Step 1 ~

Open WSL_Mask and minimise for later

Open Missy's Template #160
Duplicate and close off original
Delete credit layer and lips layer as we won't be needing those
Image / Canvas Resize and resize your canvas to 650 x 600
Flood fill excess background layer in white

~ Step 2 ~

With your magic wand click inside your Square layer
Selections / Modify / Feather by 2
Open BCS Rose Paper 4 and paste as new layer
Resize by 65%
Selections / Invert
Hit delete

Click inside the Rectangle layer
Selections / Modify / Feather by 2
Open BCS Rose Paper 1 and paste as new layer
Resize by 65%
Selections / Invert
Hit delete

Activate the Thin Rectangle1 Layer and click in it (this is the one below the Square layer)
Open the BCS Embroidered Ribbon and paste as new layer
Resize by 60% and position so the top and bottom of ribbon neatly fits within the marchin ants
Selections / Invert
Hit delete

Repeat this step for the other Thin Rectangle later

~ Step 3 ~

Activate the Kiss Me WordArt layer
Selections / Float
Selections / Defloat
Selections / Modify / Feather by 2
Using your BCS Rose Paper 4 once again paste as new layer and resize by 65%
Selections / Invert
Hit Delete

Open the BCS Glass Kiss 6 and paste as new layer
Resize by 85% and position in centre
Open your tube and position that above the glass kiss/lips and below the Kiss Me WordArt
Use your eraser tool to erase any excess overhanging the rectangle
Add a slight drop shadow to your tube

~ Step 4 ~

Now for your elements!
Open the BCS String Bow and paste as new layer
Resize by 60% and position over the words Kiss Me with the eyelets on opposing sides as if joining the layers
Now activate the ORIGINAL WordArt layer (you should not have deleted it yet) and click inside the K-I-S-S
Activate the string bow and hit delete
See how it looks as though it weaves below the word?

Now activate the WordArt later again and click inside the M-E
Then activate the string bow and using your eraser tool erase one leg of the M and corner of the E where the eyelet is

Open BCS Beaded Wire and paste as new layer below your tube
Resize by 62% and position at the top of the rectangle layers

Activate your white backgrund layer and paste the BCS Glitter Doodle as new layer
With your magic wand ensure you have the following settings:
Mode: Add (shift)
Match: RVG Value
Tolerance: 65
Contiguous checked
Feather: 0
Anti-alias checked
Inside checked

Now click inside the glitter doodle layer where it protrudes out to the left


**You should now see marching ants around the shape of the doodle layer**
Selections / Invert
Hit delete


The drop shadow from the doodle layer should now have disappeared

Resize this layer by 95% and move slightly to the left
Duplicate layer and mirror
Layers / Merge / Merge Down
Lower opacity to 30
Image / Flip
With your selection tool draw out a rectangle around the protuding bit at the bottom
Hit delete


Remaining on this layer paste BCS Rose Paper 1 as a new layer again
Resize by 85%
Layers / New Mask Layer / From Image
Locate sg_heart burst in your drop down menu
Source Luminance checked
Invert Mask Data CHECKED

Layers / Merge / Merge Group

Resize this layer by 90% and lower opacity to 65

Add any other elements to your creation as you like

~ Step 5 ~

Add your name using your font and colour of choice
I used:
Font: BattleLines
Size: 48
Colour: #76093b

Adjust / Add/Remove Noise / Add Noise

Plugins / Effefft/ Eye Candy 4000 / Gradient Glow
Using a white setting with a Glow width on 4.00

Add a drop shadow:
Horizontal and Vertical: 1
Opacity: 40
Blur: 2.00
Colour: #76093b

Add your ©copyright, licence and watermark and you're done!

Thanks for trying my tutorial!


©Tutorial written by Stina on 28th January 2009
All rights reserved

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