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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Hearts Aflutter



Scrap kit of choice - I am using "I Heart You" by Captivated Visions which can be purchased at Exquisite Scraps or Paradise4Scrappers
Thank you Rachel for this gorgeous kit!
Tube of choice - I am using the lovely work of Gennadiy Koufay which can be purchased from CILM with the proper licence
Fonts of choice - I used Love Letters and A&S Speedway
Download them here

~ Step 1 ~

Open a new blank canvas 600 x 600 flood-filled white

Paste Frame 01 as new layer and resize by 60%

With your magic wand click inside the heart in the centre of the frame
Selections / Modify / Expand by 10
Paste Paper 19 as new layer and resize by 60%
Move the paper to where you want the hearts showing (keeping in mind your tube will partially cover them)

**Hint - paste your tube but keep it hidden till we need it but you can unhide it to help you position the paper or elements**

~ Step 2 ~

Paste Border 01 as new layer and resize by 55%
Position it along the bottom of the frame (see below)

Using your Selection Tool draw out a rectangle around the heart overlapping the frame

Paste Bow 10 as new layer and resize by 20%
Place on the top right corner of frame
Duplicate then Image / Mirror

Paste FallingHearts as new layer and resize by 70%
Position on the right to your liking

Paste Heart 22 as new layer and resize by 25%
Position to the lower left

Paste Pin 01 as new layer and resize by 30%
Image / Rotate by 25 to the left
Resize again by 45%
Position to the lower left and drop below the border hearts along the bottom of frame

~ Step 3 ~

Open Heart Confetti 03 and 04
Draw out selections around various hearts and paste them as new layers around your tag
Alternate resizing them by 35%, 40% and 50%
Position them to your liking

Paste your tube as new layer and resize if necessary
If you have already have your tube pasted you can unhide it now (we have finished pasting elements *s*)

Add drop shadows to your layers

Crop and resize tag

~ Step 4 ~

Foreground - #000000
Background - #a10d0d

Select your Preset Shape tool and find Heart 1 with the following settings:


Draw out a heart almost the width of the first heart square in the border (use as a guide)

Adjust / Add/Remove Noise / Add Noise

Select your Text Tool - colours remain the same in your Material Palette
Create as Vector - checked
Anti-alias - checked
Stroke width - 1.5
Text size - 60
Font - Love Letters

Now type out "s Aflutter"

Overlap the "S" slightly with the heart
Adjust / Add/Remove Noise / Add Noise

Still on this layer
Layers / Merge / Merge Down
Add a slight drop shadow

In a font and colour of your choice type out your name
Add any extra effects, such as Noise, Glass or Gradient Glow (optional)

Add your ©copyright, licence and watermark and you're done!

Thanks for trying my tutorial


©Tutorial written by Stina on 7th February 2009
All rights reserved

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