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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Fly to the Angels

Scrap  kit of choice - I am using the first part of "The Saga" called "The Beginning" by Pimp'd Designs which is available from Paradise 4 Scrappers
Tube of choice - I am using the lovely work of Zindy Nielsen which you can purchase from her store
WSL_Mask25 by Chelle available from her blog
Fonts of choice - I am using Centime and Bickham Pro Regular
~ Step 1 ~
Open a new 600 x 600 blank canvas flood-filled white
Paste kcame_sg_shatter1 as new layer
Resize by 60%
Paste Feather-Heart as new layer
Layers / Arrange / Move Down
Resize by 120%
Position behind Frame
Duplicate and set blend mode to Multiply
Layers / Merge / Merge Down
Use your Magic Wand to select inside the Frame
Selections / Modify / Expand by 10
Add new raster layer
Layers / Arrange / Move Down
Open PP07
Edit / Copy
On working canvas Paste into Selection
You should now have something like this:
~ Step 2 ~
Paste tube as new layer
Resize as necessary
Use your Freehand Tool to draw around and delete any excess
Paste Green-01 as new layer
Resize by 30%
Position from bow of Picture Frame to the right
Open Ribbon-Frame-01
Rotate 90° to the right
Paste as new layer
Resize by 40%
Position with the bow "holding" the greenery
Make a Selection around the remaining area of RibbonFrame
Paste Flower-01
Resize by 30%
Duplicate and set the blend mode to Overlay
Lower opacity to 80
Layers / Merge / Merge Down
Position in the corner of the frame
Layers / Arrange / Move Down
Layer should now be BELOW the Frame
Position it so that it protrudes slightly behind Tube
Duplicate again
Image / Mirror
Position behind tube so that it is partially visible
Paste Flower-04 as new layer
Resize by 31%
Position behind Flower on upper corner of Frame
Once centre activate the top flower, then
Layers / Merge / Merge Down
Paste Green-02 as new layer
Resize by 20%
Position behind Flower on corner of Frame
Image / Mirror
Place in position on opposite side of Flower
Image / Rotate by 70 to the left
Crop and resize

~ Step 3 ~
Activate Background layer
Paste PP07 as new layer
Layers / New Mask Layer / From Image
Locate WSL_Mask25
Layers / Merge / Merge Group
Select your Preset Shape Tool to Ellipse
Foreground - #000000
Background - null
Draw out a circle around your tag
Select your Text Tool and a font of your choice - I am using Centime
Choose a colour from your tag as your "background"
On the curve type out words of your choice - mine were "Fly to the Angels where Flowers bloom in your Name"
In your Layer Palette, open the Vector Layer and hide Ellipse
Convert to raster layer
I applied a Gradient Glow, but that is entirely optional
Change to a script font but retain the same colour for your text
Type out your name and aplly any effects and drop shadows of your choice
Finally, add your © copyright, licence and watermark
Then save as a GIF or JPG and you're done!
Thanks for trying my tutorial

© Tutorial written by Stina on 18th March 2009
All rights reserved

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