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Wednesday, May 4, 2011



Image of choice
Fonts of choice - I used Bickham Script Regular and Kinkie
Alien Skin Eye Candy Impact / Gradient Glow
Eye Candy 4000 / HSB Noise / Color and Dot
Paint Shop Pro
Animation Shop

Open an image of choice - I am using a private photo
Resize to your liking
Mine is 650 x 320

Duplicate and turn visibility off duplicate layer
On original layer With original layer active go to:

Adjust / Blur / Gaussian Blur
Radius - 20.00

Now activate the top layer
Select your Magic Wand with the following settings:
Selection Type: Point to Point
Mode: Add (Shift)
Feather: 5
Smoothing: 0

Now carefully draw around the subject in your image you wish to use and invert selection

Press Delete
You may need to tidy areas to your liking

On the bottom layer duplicate layer again
Go to:
Effects / Plugins / / Dot and Cross
Default settings
The lower the opacity to 30

Activate your top layer and duplicate
Layers / Arrange / Move Down

Adjust / Blur / Gaussian Blur
Radius - 10.00

Activate top layer again
With your Selection Tool set to Rectangle, Feather 0
Draw out a thin rectangle towards bottom of image

Add a new raster layer
Flood fill rectangle white
Lower opacity to 25

Add a new raster layer
Flood fill black
Select All
Selections / Modify / Contract by 2
Delete then deselect

Choose an italic font of choice in white
Type a few words of choice
Lower opacity to 40

Choose a nice bold font and type your name
Objects / Align / Horizontal Centre
Convert to raster layer

Effects / Plugins / Alien Skin Eye Candy Impact / Gradient Glow


Activate the bottom (background) layer
Duplicate twice
Rename Noise 1, Noise 2 and Noise 3

On Noise 1 go to:
Effects / Plugins / Eye Candy 4000 / HSB Noise with the following settings:

Activate Noise 2 and repeat, changing the Random Seed

Activate Noise 3 and repeat again, changing the Random Seed once more

Hide Noise 2 and Noise 3
Edit / Copy Merged

Open Animation Shop and Paste as New Animation

Back in PSP, activate Noise 2, then Copy Merged
In Animation Shop, paste after Current Frame

Repeat for last frame

Press CTRL A to Select All Frames, then ALT + Enter to open Frame Properties
Change the number to 35

Save as a GIF and you're done.

© Tutorial written by Stina on 4th May 2011

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