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Thursday, July 8, 2010

More than I Deserve


Scrap kit of choice - I am using "Here Come the Newborns" by me (Designs by Stina) available from Cullenary Delights
Tube of choice - I am using the artwork of Loga90 which is available with a permission
Fonts of choice - I am using P22 Dearest Swash
Plugins: dsb Flux > Linear Transmission

Let's begin...

Open a blank transparent image 800 x 600

Open Frame05 and paste as new layer
Leave in place

Select inside Frame with Magic Wand
Selections > Modify
Then Expand by 10

Open Paper16 and paste as new layer
Layers > Arrange > Move to Bottom
Resize by 35%
Selections > Invert
Then Delete


Open your tube of choice and paste as new layer
Resize to your liking
Then Delete to remove excess outside selection

Duplicate your tube layer
On the bottom copy Adjust > Blur > Guassian Blur
Set your Radius to 10.00
Lower opacity to 55

Duplicate this layer
Then Effects > Textures > Mosaic - Antique with the following settings:

Then, Adjust > Blur > Motion Blur
Angle - 140.00
Strength - 100

Activate your paper layer again (bottom layer)
Select OUTSIDE layer with your Magic Wand
On your Blurred layer, press Delete
Then on your Mosaic layer, Delete again

Activate top layer
Paste Feather as new layer
Resize by 65%
Position to the left of the Frame with the spine of the feather running along the swirl of the Frame

Paste a Flower as new layer
Image > Rotate by 20 to the right
Resize by 30%
Position to the right of the Frame

Open a Ribbon and paste as new layer
Resize by 60%
Position along bottom of Frame

Open THREE charms of your choice
Resize each by 20%
Position each of them at the knots on the Ribbon
Merge Charms as one layer
Then Layer > Arrange > Move Down
(this will position them the layer below the Ribbon)

Paste a GlitterSplat of choice as new layer
Resize by 30%
Position between 1st and 2nd charms over Ribbon

Paste Heart of choice as new layer
Image > Rotate by 10 to the right
Resize by 18%
Position to the right, then Layers > Arrange > Send to Bottom
Position to your liking

Duplicate Heart
Image > Rotate by 20 to the right
Resize by 60%
Position slightly below first heart

Paste Moon as new layer
Resize by 25%
Position to the upper left

Paste Heart of choice again
Resize by 85%
Move Heart down slightly

Effects > Plugins > dsb fluxx > Linear Transmission with the following settings:

Crop and resize image to your liking

Add your watermark and credits, and any word art or text of your choice
Add your name (I used Eye Candy Gradient Glow on my name)
Save your tag as a PNG (to remain transparent) and you're done!

© Tutorial written by Stina on 7th July 2010
All rights reserved

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