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Monday, August 18, 2014

Basic Text Border


A basic knowledge of Paint Shop Pro
I am using PSP X but any version is fine

A bold font
I am using TangledUp

Pattern or Paper of choice

Open a blank canvas. I usually start with a large one because it gives you more workspace to play in. You can always crop and resize it later.

In your Materials Palette choose a colour, gradient or pattern for your background (fill). I used a paper from one of my scrap kits "Phantasmagoria". Papers are always effective for use in text and I use them often. I set the Angle to 0 and the Scale to 50%.

Now depending on the colour of your paper, choose either black or white for your foreground (stroke) colour. I set the stroke width to 2.0

Type out your name, or preferred text. Then in the Menu bar go to
Adjust > Align > Centre in Canvas
Go to Layers > Convert to Raster Layer
Or alternatively, right click your layer in the Layer Palette to Convert with the same result.

Now this step is always effective if you don't have access to the plugins or filters that will give you a Gradient Glow, like Eye Candy.

On your Text layer:
Selections > Select All
Selections > Float
Selections > Defloat
Selections > Modify > Expand
Expand by 5
(Or if you want a thicker border, Expand by 10)

Go to Layers > New Raster Layer
In your Layer Palette, drag THIS empty layer BELOW your TEXT layer
Now flood fill with your Stroke colour (either black or white)
I changed mine to white for contrast against the original black stroke colour.

Layers > Merge > Merge Visible

Next, go to Effects > 3D Effects > Drop Shadow
Add one of your choice

I used:

You can decorate your tag anyway you wish - use a mask as a background or use the name on an existing tag!

If you are using this a stand-alone tag, don't forget to Crop to Selection around the tag so you don't have any untidy excess.

And that's it - a very easy and basic tutorial. This is how I create a nice border around my name or text if I don't like the Gradient Glow effect on it.

Don't forget to add your usual credit for creating the tag and any others you may credit for use of materials.

I hope you've enjoyed this tutorial!

Please note: I was prompted to write this tutorial when a CT member of mine has been unable to load any of her filters so is limited in how to make the name on her tags stand out. I thought a tutorial such as this may help others like her who are limited in this way, or don't have the necessary plugins

© Tutorial written by Stina on 18th August 2014

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