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Friday, November 11, 2011

Forever is only the Beginning

Forever is only the Beginning

I am using my "Forever is only the Beginning" scrap kit available from all my stores which are listed on my blog
Tube/image provided in the kit featuring custom posers by © Medievil Creations
Font of choice - I am using PegsannaHMK
Xero Porcelain
Alien Skin Eye Candy 5: Gradient Glow

Open a new 650 x 500 transparent canvas
Flood fill layer black and turn off visibility (we'll use it later)

Paste DBS_Frame03 as new layer
Resize by 70% and position to the left

Select the inside of your frame with your Magic Wand
Selections / Modify / Expand by 10
Paste a paper of choice as a new layer
Move to below the frame
Selections / Invert


Paste DBS_SparkleRain as new layer
Resize by 70% and position to your liking
Delete excess


Paste one of the Wisteria scenes as a new layer
Resize by around 85% and position
Delete excess, then deselect

Duplicate SparkleRain layer
Move to layer above Couple/Wisteria scene

With your Selection Tool draw a rectangle around the middle section of the Rain covering Edward and Bella


On the main image/tube layer
Effects / Plugins / Xero / Porcelain with all channels set to Zero

Paste DBS_WeddingInvitation as new layer
Image / Free Rotate by 10 to the right
Resize by 50%
Position to the right of the frame
Don't worry that it overlaps, we will fix that
Duplicate then move layer to the bottom

On top layer use your Freehand Selection Tool on Point to Point with no feathering
Draw along the edge of the invitation and back around the envelope


Then delete and deselect

Paste DBS_PearlFlower as a new layer
Resize by 17%
Duplicate twice and position around invitation

Now turn on the visibility of the black layer we flood-filled at the beginning
We're going to need it to see what we're doing next

Paste DBS_Clocks as new layer
Resize by 70%
Position so that you can see one of the clocks ONLY above the invitation
Lower opacity to around 50-55


Duplicate and move slightly down so that other clocks are partially visible
Then lower the opacity to around 30


Paste DBS_Sparkles as new layer
Resize by 85% and position to the left
USe your Eraser Tool to erase any excess sparkles

Paste Sparkles as a new layer again
Image / Mirror then resize by 85%
Position to your liking to the right and lower opacity to around 75
Remove any excess of sparkles you wish

You should now have something like this:


Delete the black layer (we don't need it anymore)

Paste DBS_WordArt of your choice as new layer
Resize by around 65% and position above frame and clocks

Select a font of your choice - I am using PegsannaHMK
Type out your name using a matching colour - I am using #674255
Add a drop shadow

Effects / Plugins / Alien Skin Eye Candy 5: Impact / Gradient Glow with the following settings:


Then add your credits, save as a PNG and you're done!

Thank you for trying my tutorial!

© Tutorial written by Stina on 11th November 2011

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